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Nicole Variot

We are so proud that our studio now offers an exclusive program focused on including students with special needs to dance alongside their fellow Wildcats!

Before we dive into the curriculum, let's meet one of the people who inspired the class!

Hello everyone, my name is Nicole Variot and I am an alumni here at dance athletics competitive edge. I am currently a student at Schoolcraft College working to get my Associates's degree in Science with plans to transfer to Western Michigan University to major in child and family development. I graduated from Canton high school in 2019 and while I was there I had the amazing opportunity to work with students with special needs. Having this opportunity shaped me into the person I am today and made me extremely passionate about working with others, including my peers with special needs. 


Each of the following programs are taught by director and owner Derek Arcenal and are assisted by wildcats involved in our LEAD program.   


LEAD stands for love, engage, achieve, dream. Our goal is that each wildcat enrolled in this program accomplished each of these fundamentals.


Superkatz: Elementary school and middle school-aged wildcats. Each program is 6 weeks long, with the opportunity to train throughout our normal season of September to June. Superkatz are also given the opportunity to perform in our annual Christmas social, and wildcat show- our year-end recital. Every wildcat with special needs is paired with one of our LEAD wildcats and are given choreography that allows them to grow, thrive, and maintain a full dance routine. Regardless of physical ability, every wildcat is given choreography that allows them to succeed. 



Fiercekatz: High school and adult aged wildcats.

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