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Our Recreational program is designed to enhance and grow dancers of all ages.  The dance education of DACE is shared for the entire season. Students enrolled in this program will train with the current Competitive Line, and perform in the Annual Wildcat Show as a Team. All students enrolled in our Recreational Program will perform in the Annual Wildcat Show. 






Hip - Hop


The following is a breakdown for dancers looking to enroll in our Recreational Programs.


Introduce your student to dance, the DACE WILDCAT WAY! 

Students ages 2 - 4 are introduced to movement, rhythm, techniques, and the world of dance,  in a fun and themed environment.  Parental involvement is welcomed as memories will be made. 



Student ages 4 - 6 share the world of dance in a fun environemnt.  While continuing their career in dance, the progression of skills, and rythym takes place.  Students are introduced to a furthering dance education.  Learning for this age group, focuses on structure, and key fundamentals needed as they continue to grow.

The Following Lines are broken down by age: 
Bobcat 7-9
Puma 10-12
Leopard 13-14
Lynx 15 and up
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