About the Wildcats

Founded in January of 2007 Derek, and Courtney Arcenal began the life of their brother, and sister childhood dream.  Renting space out of the very same studio, that raised their talent, Dance Athletics Competitive Edge, trained their first four students.  That spring, the legendary DACE Wildcats came to life, as they built the studio name at their first set of competitions.  Throughout that spring, and summer the name DACE, spread throughout the Plymouth Canton community attracting additional talent, making the early stages of a full competitive line, and program.  By Fall 2007 Dance Athletics Competitive Edge established their own small one room studio, opening it's doors to competitive, and recreational families.  Dance Athletics Competitive Edge, and it's Wildcats were famous, they were now in the public spotlight.


Over the past years, Dance Athletics Competitive Edge has achieved hundreds of top ten placements, numerous top choreography awards, and first place overall high scores.  Stretching beyond regional success, the Studio, has claimed 16 National Championships.  The big wins for each season, by far, is having the many audiences witness the brilliance, of the movement and style of the in house choreography provided by the exclusiveness of their choreographers.  The dancers of Dance Athletics Competitive Edge, not only dance, they story tell, as each routine, has an intended purpose made by the relationship of the choreographers, and students.  


Dance Athletics Competitive Edge, just like all incredibly written never ending stories, have beautifully written chapters that tell of the different times of the studio.  The story of the great wildcats of DACE, will continue to share it's brilliance, kindness and love of it's humble hearted Choreographers, and dancers, with the world.  But only those that have the heart of a Wildcat, can become Wild at heart, and live with the traditions, and brilliance that is owned by Dance Athletics Competitive Edge.