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Competitive Line

TEAM WILDCAT holds multiple National Championships consecutively.  Dance Athletics Competitive Edge is home to 6 Star Dance Alliance Victory Cups and 28 Star Dance Alliance Championships.

The Competitive Line is broken down by grade of school.

PROWLERS all Competitive Wildcats: Preschool-First Grade

CHEETAH all Competitive Wildcats: Second Grade - Fifth Grade

PUMA all Competitive Wildcats: Sixth Grade - Eight Grade

PANTHER all Competitive Wildcats: Ninth Grade - Eleventh Grade

JAG all Competitive Wildcats Celebrating their Senior Year of High School

All choreography presented in the routines that our studio presents, is 100 % Pure talent from our Staff.  Our Choreography is award-winning regionally, and nationally.


Exclusive to our Studio is the upheld dedication to story-telling, artistry, and athleticism to the art of Dance.


New Students looking to train on our regionally, and nationally ranked Competitive Program must complete the following prior to auditions in August:


  • Enroll in either private session training/ summer session

  • Set up an introductory meeting in our studio.



Students enrolled in our Competitive Program can train in the following areas during our training season:


  • Contemporary

  • Lyrical

  • Jazz

  • Modern Jazz

  • Hip - Hop

  • Open

  • Cecchetti Ballet

  • Flexibility, Jump and turn technique

  • Current style, and movement

  • Core and strength training

  • Browse the following pages to learn more about the classes that are part of the Competitive Platform here at Team Wildcat. 


Our ballet program is dedicated to quality teaching based on the method of ballet training established by Enrico Cecchetti. Our ballet program, directed by Camyle Cryderman prides itself on providing families with high-quality ballet training in an encouraging environment.


All students will be placed in Cecchetti graded level ballet classes. Eligible students will prepare for yearly ballet exams.


With a strong focus on technique, quality of movement, strength, and control, Cecchetti ballet helps students reach their full potential. It is an important foundation and framework for all dance styles. We have seen great improvements in all styles of dance due to increased time and focus spent with students in ballet.


Courtney Arcenal, Julianna DeBiasi, Derek Arcenal, and Nick Lapeare provide the platform for the Hip - Hop education here at our studio.  The pure, style, and choreography is sharp, modern, and artistically award-winning. From Regional to Nationals, recognition for this program is strong year, after year. 


Our Tap Program is solely lead by Camyle Cryderman. She works with our junior, teen, and senior lines on improving their basic and intricate tap technique skills. She has pioneered the program and is now presenting DACE with nationally ranked and diamond tap routines. With a unique rhythmic style and fast-paced choreography, tap has continued to grow and succeed through the studio. 

Jazz / Modern Jazz

Show-stopping, is the best way to describe, the level of energy, and choreography of the jazz routines of our studio.  With fast, upbeat, glamourous routines, our studio has even the judges giving our jazz routines standing ovations.  


From classical jazz songs to the new wave of fast-moving music, each jazz routine made by DACE stands well on its own.  Our students feel like celebrities when they get off that stage...

Contemporary / Lyrical

Directors, Derek Arcenal, and Courtney Arcenal, have built the Wildcat Empire with the brilliance of their choreography in these styles of dance.


With pure self choreography, the movement, style, and brilliance is owned by the choreographers.  The students of DACE, story tell, as they perform each individual routine created throughout the season.  Each routine has a story all of its own.  The dancers grow the choreography for the duration of the year. The athleticism, artistry, and the ability to move an audience is seen in each piece that is hand-created.  Unique to this studio, is the chance to lay each piece from the foundation to the final product, created all by the minds of Derek and Courtney Arcenal.


Award-Winning Choreography awards have been celebrated with these memorable styles.

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